About Us

Architecture Of Today (AOT) Is One Of The Architectural Consulting Offices Specialized In The Design And Supervision Of The Implementation Of All Types Of Buildings.
AOT was established in 1999 by a. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Emam (Architect, City Planner and Urban Designer) and since this date, AOT has been working with major economic and public institutions in Egypt and the Arab region.
AOT specializes in designing and supervising the implementation of bank branches and adminstration and banking buildings, as it is a general consultant for most banks in Egypt such as the Central Bank of Egypt, the National Bank of Egypt, the Arab African International Bank, the National Bank of Kuwait, the Commercial International Bank, Banque du Caire, the Land Bank, the United Bank, Suez Canal Bank and Qatar National Bank. And also a consultant to the Egyptian Armed Forces Engineering Authority and a Military Production consultant. And a consultant for some private universities and international schools.
AOT also specializes in the design of educational buildings, as it has designed and supervised the implementation of many universities inside and outside Egypt.
AOT has also designed a wide range of schools for both the private sector and for the government. And also specializes in planning and designing villages and tourist resorts, where it designed many villages and tourist resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, and the North Coast.
AOT also specializes in planning and designing residential complexes (commbounds) for the elite. As well as in designing, planning and supervising the implementation of different housing levels, whether it is luxury, medium or economic housing.
AOT has also designed many administrative buildings for some companies, both inside and outside Egypt And also designed and supervised the implementation of a range of commercial buildings (mals) of various sizes and spaces. As well as mixed-use buildings (commercial - administrative - residential) inside and outside Of Egypt.
AOT also specializes in designing and supervising the implementation of industrial buildings and industrial complexes, where it designed an integrated industrial complex on an area of 100 acres in the tenth of Ramadan City, as well as a group of factories in Obour City and its land. As for hotel buildings, the office designed and supervised the implementation of many of them inside and outside Egypt (Luxor - Sharm El Sheikh - Hurghada - North Coast - Tripoli West - Mecca - Medina).
The office has designed many residential villas and buildings of different sizes inside and outside Egypt.
AOT has become one of the consultant offices specialized in designing sustainable residential communities in desert areas, where it designed many environmental villages, and became one of the pioneers of green and sustainable architecture.
AOT has completed the work of operating drawings (work shop Dwg) for projects inside and outside Egypt such as King Abdullah Park in Riyadh, "Food Factories" and "LED Bulb Factories" in King Abdullah Economic City in Jeddah.
AOT is characterized by providing consulting services (design and supervision the implementation ) with efficiency, extreme precision, speed of implementation, honesty and transparency witnessed by the customer authorities. And also conducts economic feasibility studies for projects as well as project management work with the same efficiency. And registered with the Engineers Syndicate as a consulting office No. (714)
Also AOT is one of the consultants of the General Authority for Urban Planning, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Military Production, and many ministries, unions, and bodies inside and outside Egypt.